Making prom dreams come true with a Starry Night Prom Fashion Photoshoot!

This is Ciara, a local high school senior from the class of 2021 in Atlanta GA! Like many high school senior students, the high school senior experience was not something anyone could ever have imagined, including prom. Most students in the USA dream of prom and make plans before they even get to high school; and Ciara was no different.  The graduating class of 2021 will be like no other – the challenges they faced with perseverance and determination make them all a special kind of graduate.  However, this senior and her beautiful prom dress faced challenges that were far more.

The beautiful dress Ciara had bought for prom her Junior year – did not see Prom the first time due to a COVID lockdown a week after she had purchased it.  Which was the case for many students across the USA.  This did not faze her as she still had her senior prom.  However, on-top of a senior year filled with online learning, college applications during quarantining on and off, this senior traveled back and forth to see her grandmother who had been diagnosed with Cancer. Prom was only a few days after her grandmother’s funeral service, and with a little help from friends Ciara was able to get her dress ready for Senior Prom, she bought the shoes, had the hem lifted and her school friends made the usual plans to celebrate their hard work and to lift her spirit. However, on Prom morning she woke not feeling well and this time she was not able to attend Prom because a test revealed she had COVID!

Upon hearing her story, ORBITVU USA stepped in to give this sweet senior and her dress some happy memories, enjoying wearing her dress, with a “Starry Night” themed Prom Fashion Photoshoot, using Orbitvu’s Fashion Studio!

“When we heard about Ciara’s story, ORBITVU USA just wanted to help her, even in just a small way, to have some fun and provide her with a special day, just for her.  The ORBITVU USA team enjoyed seeing Ciara’s smile throughout the photoshoot.  It was a great day for all of us!” – Mark Duhaime, Managing Director, Orbitvu USA

Using the theme that her high school had set for the prom – black paper was rolled, lights were hung, and the moon and stars shined setting the stage for a magical photoshoot for Ciara to wear her prom dress!  Ciara was finally able to get her hair and make-up done; and put on the dress! As Ciara twirled and danced in her dress; the Orbitvu USA team were honored to capture the special occasion and who Ciara is beyond the dress – a talented violinist, soccer player and a passionate supporter of Tottenham Spurs!

“Thank you for a truly special senior experience.  It was heartwarming to see Ciara in her prom dress, smiling so brightly, especially after such a challenging year.” – Michelle, Ciara’s Mom

To Ciara and the class of 2021, you survived a pandemic, we have no doubt you will reach the stars!