ALPHASTUDIO COMPACT PRO auto background removal Stills, 360° spin, video - one system! direct upload to your e-shop!

The ALPHASTUDIO COMPACT is an automated product photography system with a unique background removal feature. Specifically designed for the photography of medium to large-sized objects; it can shoot static 2D product images, animated 360º presentations, and video.

It’s compact space-saving design is flexible enough to shoot products ranging from small tools, to bags, and up to large suitcases, strollers and other similarly sized items.




        • Automatic background removal
        • Batch image capture and processing
        • Multi-view image capture by up to 5 cameras
        • Direct image upload to your e-shop
        • Web-ready photo in just a few seconds

Easy to Use

        • Can be used by non-professionals
        • Integrated camera and lighting control
        • Automatic 360° image capture
        • Predefined shooting profiles
        • Live View image preview before shooting
        • Multi-camera support


        • Anything from housewares, electronic equipment, bags, to suitcases
        • For still images, 360°, and Video
        • Compatible with Canon DSLRs
        • Produces images for the web, print, and marketing
        • Integrated online marketing tools
Product Photography Icon - footwear - shoes - sneakers
Product Photography Icon - travel - suitcase
Product Photography Icon - Furniture - Chair
Product Photography Icon - Automotive
ALPHASTUDIO COMPACT PRO - Automated 2D, 360 and Video Photography System - product image