ALPHASHOT 360 auto background removal Stills, 360° spin, video - one system! portable

The ALPHASHOT 360 is a compact all-in-one portable photographic studio that can create professional product shots, 360° spin and video presentations of small – medium sized objects, upto 12″x 12″x 12″, ranging from cosmetics to small electronics, eye-wear and shoes.

The automated image capture and processing workflow removes the background on the fly, reduces post-processing, and provides consistent pictures.


SMALL but POWERFUL Imaging Solution


        • Automatic background removal
        • Batch image capture and processing
        • Direct image upload to your e-shop
        • Web-ready photos in just a few seconds
        • Multi-view image capture with multiple cameras at a time

Easy to Use

        • Fast and easy camera position adjustment
        • Integrated camera and lighting control
        • Automatic 360° image capture
        • Predefined shooting profiles
        • Live View image preview before shooting


        • Well-suited for fashion accessories, small electronics and cosmetics
        • For still images, 360° and Video
        • Compatible with Canon and Nikon DSLRs
        • Produces images for the web, print and marketing
        • Integrated online marketing tools
Product Photography Icon - hardware - tools
Product Photography Icon - promotional items
Product Photography Icon - eyewear - glasses
Product Photography Icon - toys
Product Photography Icon - footwear - shoes - sneakers
ALPHASHOT 360 - product image


Sample Image Gallery

ALPHASHOT 360 - Automated Photo Studio - Packshot - Silver Red Penknife
ALPHASHOT 360 - Automated Photo Studio - Kitchenware - Silver Citrus Squeezer