Carrafina, Private Label

This bridal fashion photography user story is from the creative team of Carrafina – a private label bridal gown wholesaler, based in Atlanta, GA.  Having been in business for over a decade, they describe how using Orbitvu’s Fashion Studio saved them time and gave them the ability to speed up their imagining process and create more content!  It has completely changed the way they will do their photoshoots going forward.

The team described how challenging and inefficient their bridal fashion photography shoots were before discovering Orbitvu.  They would do their product photo shoots in their office, lay items down on the floor and it would require a lot to setup which was very time-consuming because they would have to cover windows and adjust the lighting constantly throughout the day.  The lighting required in the morning would be different to the lighting in the afternoon and that was labor intensive.  They would become tired towards the end of a photo-shoot and would compromise on the quality of images taken and rush thru them to get the job done.

With the Orbitvu Fashion Studio everything is ready to-go for them!  Lighting is set-up at the start of the photo shoot and remained the same throughout their 2-day shoot.  It did not need to be adjusted constantly and that is not only a huge time-saver for them, but also energy-saver.  The ability to be able to set-up lighting once and preview the images as they would appear as a final image – made their photo shoot go smoothly from one product to the next and has reduced their time and effort in post-production.  Their models were able to position themselves using the in-studio screen and therefore getting the right product image was simple from shooting one gown to the next.

The photo-shoot itself using Orbitvu’s automated photography technology was much more relaxed, which meant they were able to shoot 3 times more in the same time frame because they were not constantly having to reset the studio stage.  During their 2-day shoot they captured over 4000 product images and 70 product videos, using the Fashion Studio.  In addition, they were able to create different type of digital assets because adjusting the camera was so easy and simple to adjust from setting up to capture multi-angle still images of a gown to shooting an elevator video showing movement on a dress.   This would never have been possible before!

They have been amazed by the efficiency in Orbitvu’s photography technology, and the variation in what the Fashion Studio can do, and above all how much time they have saved without compromising on quality.   The photo shoot was fun, stress-free and the team believe by using an innovative product like the Fashion Studio makes their brand innovative in return.

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