Lampan Lighting

Lampan Lighting tell us how Orbitvu’s automated photography solutions help create the content they need to let their customers experience their lighting products on-screen.

Lampan celebrated 40 years this year in the lighting industry.  This lighting provider represents 60 different lighting brands and has over 8,000 different lamps on their website, of which 70% are stored in their own warehouse and logistics unit on the Swedish West Coast, in Uddevalla.  Sales take place not only in their physical stores, but on their ecommerce website too in the Nordic markets.  Henrik Stenstrom, one of Lampan’s Partners highlights how the possibility of having their own content – both text and images is a contributing factor to their success.  Their Orbitvu photography system has helped them create the content they need to allow their customers to experience their lamps on-screen.

Lampan’s E-commerce Manager, Anders Strandberg highlights how smooth and easy the Orbitvu Solution is. From putting a lamp in the device to pressing click – Lampan can capture and upload product images that include 360 images in a couple of minutes.  The wide range of lighting products they have, in different colors, different materials and many sizes – makes it a challenge for them to take consistent images that look good.  Orbitvu gives them the flexibility to take good pictures needed for their website and for displays in their physical stores.

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