Susanne Visholm, Wareco International

In this User Story Vlog, Wareco’s Marketing Manager, Susanne Visholm talks about how ORBITVU’s line of automated photography systems have helped the company improve the speed of their product image production and increased the type of images they are able to provide.

For more than 50 years Wareco International has been a supplier of hand tools.  With sales offices in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland; and around 3000 dealers in Scandinavia, their customers need good-quality product images.  They were able to deliver this with ORBITVU’s automated photography systems and provide more content.  They were able to provide something more “special” – 360-degree spin images with hot spots.  This type of image is unique, and Wareco use them for sales movies and training guides.  This feature is particularly important for Wareco as it helps them to deliver the right message to their product users.

Prior, to using ORBITVU’s photography technology, it used to take them 20 minutes to capture an image.  Today, they are able to deliver high-quality product images without background within 3-5 minutes.  Their customers use the images for their website stores and apps.  The company also use the images themselves for branding on flyers and other marketing materials.  They have a lot of print on-demand and so have their own production machines in-house – so this is a “win-win” situation for them!

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