Frederic Cisneros, Commercial / eCommerce Photographer

In this exclusive interview, Atlanta based, 12-year veteran commercial and eCommerce photographer Frederic Cisneros shares his experience of using the ORBITVU AlphaStudio XXL for the first time.  He shares his thoughts on automation, productivity, and creativity.

Frederic shoots for the food and beverage industry, fashion, jewelry, and anything in between for eCommerce and commercial photography.  To say that he was blown-away by Orbitvu is an understatement!  He had seen pictures and read about the technology but could not believe it really existed and well it sounded “too-good to be true”!

He is impressed by the technology but most of all how easy it was to learn.  For Frederic, what makes using the Orbitvu AlphaStudio so easy is that Orbitvu takes the process of capturing and then automatically removing the background all into one fast process. The background removal feature of the software frees his time and allows him the freedom to focus on the creative side and not the technical side.  As an eCommerce photograher, he finds the technology to be versatile in the types of images or video he can capture – from shooting products on model, on-mannequin or capturing product shots of hard goods and accessories using Orbitvu’s shooting table. He also likes the option of shooting on the AlphaStudio XXL’s pin-board accessory, which provides the added flexibility of generating flat-lay imagery.

Frederic likes the flexibility of the Orbitvu Station software which allowed him being able to shoot different types products, and generate a variety of digital assets types. The ability to customize the interface based on his particular skill set was also a powerful feature.  He highlighted that when it comes to automation many photographers assume everything is set and they cannot change anything.  He loved the ease of being able to use presets, but still have the ability to click to control elements such as the aperture, shutter speed, lighting – and then once he has the perfect image he can create a template and then be able to run it again and again with the same settings to shoot the next product the same day or at another time.  For an eCommerce photography workflow this provides a huge time savings and Frederic saw the benefits of that immediately in his work-flow, as it let him fly from one project to the next.

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