Accessory of the Month October 2019

The ORBITVU USA staff pick for the accessory of the month is the Flat-Lay Accessory. The Flat-Lay Accessory is a great option for the AlphaStudio XXL system.


The Fishing Line Challenge: Creating a fast and easy image capture workflow to automatically remove the background and generate three images of this hook and fishing line on different backgrounds.

Accessory of the Month September 2019

The Orbitvu USA staff pick for accessory of the month is the Magic Table for the AlphaStudio XXL & CompactPro.
anti-reflection kit

Accessory of the Month

The Orbitvu USA staff pick for accessory of the month is the anti-reflection kit for the AlphaShot XLPro V2.

eTail East Conference

ORBITVU will be exhibiting their latest automated photography technology at the eTail Boston 2019 eCommerce and OmniChannel Retail conference.

Online Training

ORBITVU USA Launches Online Training Programs. Options for both individual one-on-one sessions and group sessions will be offered.

Automation Overview

This webinar will provide you with valuable insight regarding relevant issues related to the consideration of implementing an automated photography system.  Learn the benefits of automation and things to consider when choosing the right system.

Case Study: Frederic Cisneros

In this exclusive interview, Atlanta based and 12 year commercial photographer veteran Frederic Cisneros shares his experience of using the ORBITVU AlphaStudio XXL for the first time. Hear his thoughts on automation, productivity and creativity.

Beer Challenge

Photograph 100 bottles of beer (5 images per bottle) - 500 images in less than 2 hrs.

AlphaStudio XXL User Story: PLG

AlphaStudio XXL User Story: Phoenix Leather Goods